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Collision course with reality

life of a college wrestler reality

Heading into the Fort Hayes state tournament I was itching for competition.  Stress from the end of the semester was adding up, I just wanted to wrestle. Part of the stress was the question of what weight should go. Walking out of practice I was right at 165 . Eight more pounds and I’m at the next weight down. “You can do that”, I tell myself.  Going into this tournament I realized I was using being little as a crutch. “I’m too small for this weight”,  I would tell myself. I nipped that in the butt, I got back into the anybody anywhere any time mindset and its made a difference.  I came out and dominated my first match. I made a couple minor errors in my second match and gave up a good lead but was making a comeback in the third.  So after losing the second round and knowing what my mistakes were I went into the back side with a positive attitude.  Throughout the tournament I was able to hit a few new attacks I’ve been working on. None that I can say to you guys 😆 .  That definitely  made me excited like a kid with new toys, then it happend,  my 4th match into the tournament I’m winning 4-2 and boom I get hit in the head. Now, over time I’ve been hit with just about everything you can be hit with. I’ve been rocked by head collisions, knees, and so on. This collision was followed up with another blow, I face planted in the mat. My opponent started circling around me. my mind is screaming at me don’t let him score don’t let him score!  My body doesn’t move, My body wanted to take a break, I guess. After the whistle is blown,  I tell the trainers I’m okay several times, I may have been lying to myself.  I knew I was messed up but 1. I wanted to win, and 2. I didn’t want to mess with concussion rules.  As I tell trainers and  I’m fine I wobbled back to the line. That’s when I knew I was in trouble.  I was able to get my escape just before he got riding time but eventually I got another takedown. My legs were shot and I was gassed as the match  came close to the end. I remember being up 7-5 and knowing I had to fight him off. Luckily he was tired too. I was questioning why he wasn’t trying to finish me off to get the win. All I could do was plant my feet and club. After the match I don’t remember getting my hand raised, I don’t remember walking off the mat, All I remember is coming to in the training room not knowing I had even wrestled a match. I kept asking if I won. I’ve been out a week now and recovery has been torture to me! I had to push my finals back, I couldn’t work out, I couldn’t compete Friday or Sunday. Just as I was getting momentum and confidence I get stopped in my tracks. Luckily it’s the holidays and I’m healing up. I will be back, and I’m gonna be hungrier than ever.



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