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Things are starting to heat up!

Thursday night last week we faced off against our rivals Neosho. I got a win in a high scoring match.  I scored all of the offensive points in the match with my opponent only scoring escapes and stall points and  I was bumped up to wrestle 174 that night. This win was big for me , winning at 174 definitely added some confidence. With this seasons new stalling rules I will have to learn to adapt. It  seems that there are a lot of inconsistencies with who is stalling and who isn’t. I scored 14 points all off of takedowns and 1 escape, my opponent did a good job of pushing me out of bounds. I was the smaller guy and I was busy taking all of the shots in the match. In the new rules video the rules makers said they didn’t want a push out rule….. It seems to me that it is a push out rule. But oh well, I will have to adapt to the new rules.  The NEO dual is this week and they are without question the best team this year! With all of their stars dominant this year they are on fire. I am getting antsy thinking about it.  I catch myself daydreaming about being in a tough match at stoplights, in class, in the shower. These day dreams I used to think we’re negative, but I have learned that when I anticipate big matches that the best me comes out. It is okay to recognize fear. There is no emotion that can get you ready for a match. Actions get the job done. Move your feet, get off the bottom, Attack.  Like chael sonnen said in the ultimate fighter tv show. Failure is the most readily available option. You have to find that one reason to stay in the fight.

My wrestling is hitting a turn it seems. I had a breakthrough practice today. My cardio is definitely getting to where it needs to be. Gotta get to work



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