3A Review

I must admit, I initially was apprehensive about doing this review.  This was mainly because class 3A was the class that I knew the least about.  What I did know, however, was that there are 60+ teams in Oklahoma’s smallest class, and that it would be very difficult to find results on a majority of these teams.  Thankfully, I decided to suck it up and start.  I say thankfully, because I quickly realized that this class has the most potential for all out chaos!  Unlike all of the other classes, which have one or two clear favorites, class 3A has five teams with a legitimate shot to win the state tournament.   The leader of this pack is Marlow.  Marlow is led by state champ Tyler Lawson,  finalist Anthony Orum, and placer Kyle Davis-3rd.  The Outlaws also have six other ranked wrestlers, including #1 at 195, Carson Moore.  Bridge Creek is the #2 team in my rankings, and they only trail Marlow by a slight margin.  Last year, the Bobcats stormed into relevance, as they qualified a school record ten kids, and won their first two individual titles.  One of these champs, Kolby Depron, is back to lead the team.  They also have returning placer Kaden Smith-3rd.  In addition to Smith and Depron, the Bobcats  have four other ranked wrestlers.  There isn’t much separation between teams three through five.  The leader of this group is perennial front-runner, Perry.  The Maroons aren’t as deep as some as the other teams; however, they are the only team with two defending state champs, Dylan Avery and Ryan Smith.  They also have state placer Gabe Valencia-3rd.  The Comanche Indians also have two returning state champs.  Konner Doucet will be attempting to become the school’s first 4x champ, and Cade Cook will be trying to make his 3rd straight finals appearance,  Cook won the title in 2018, and then lost in the finals last year.  Comanche also has returning state placers Lake Epperson-4th and Gage Miller-3rd.  The 5th team with a legit title shot is Sperry.  They are led by returning state champ Bryce Carter and returning state placer Cooper Park-3rd.  The Pirates also recently added Collinsville move in, Eli Benham-2nd 2018.  

As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of potential for chaos in this class.  I wouldn’t even rule out a team like Jay, Blackwell, Vinita, Salina, or Vian making a Cinderella-like run in a few weeks.  It would only take one or two wrestlers winning an unexpected title to completely turn the team race upside down! 

Dual state should be equally exciting.  Any of the eight teams could end up winning it all.  Here are the eight teams that have already qualified:

  1. Comanche
  2. Marlow
  3.  Salina
  4.  Perry
  5.  Blackwell
  6.  Sperry
  7. Vinita
  8.  Bridge Creek

I have listed them as they are listed on OSSAA’s official website.  This seeding could change depending on future head-to-head matchups and on how the coaches vote in the final pole.  One thing is certain.  Regardless of how the seeding turns out, the class 3A dual state tournament promises to be the most exciting tournament of all the classes from start to finish.







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