6A & 5A Regionals Preview

 One could argue that tonight is the most important night of the season.  In eight locations across the state, coaches have been playing liar’s poker, as they lobbied for seeds.  At the same time, they were calling or texting their spies on the opposite side of the state trying to figure out if they should make a last second weight change in order to avoid the only hammer who could beat their hammer.  So after all of the maneuvering, here is what we have (at least I think):

6A East 

106– Cael Hughes-Stillwater, Christian Forbes-Broken Arrow, and Colby Strachan-Bartlesville.  Hughes is the favorite, but either Forbes or Strachan should be able to make it interesting.

113–Parker Witcraft-Broken Arrow, Gabe Fontanez-Stillwater, and Mitchell Smith-Sand Springs.

120–Bryce Cockrell and Jason Gilbert.  

126--Seth Jones-Sand Springs, Jackson Cockrell-Broken Arrow, EJ Tecson-Owasso, & Cade Nicholas-Stillwater.  Even with Zach Blankenship missing, who is out with an elbow injury, this still might be the toughest regional bracket in the state.

132–Carter Young-Stillwater, Blazik Perez-Broken Arrow, and JJ Long-Sapulpa.  Young and Perez should meet in the finals. 

138–Jared Hill-Broken Arrow, Cade Manion-Deer Creek, Branden Elrod-Jenks, and Blake Jones-Sand Springs.  Hill has been wrestling really well, and should be the favorite.

145–Thatcher Hall-Jenks, Noah Smith-Union, Christian Moores-Broken Arrow, and Dax Hughes-Stillwater.  

152–Tanner Robinson-Stillwater,William Martin-Broken Arrow, and Micah Lugafet-Deer Creek

160--Chance Davis-Enid, Drake Vannoy-Jenks, Tye Rozell-Broken Arrow, Chris Kirby-Sand Springs, & Nate Jacobsen-Owasso.  This will be another really tough bracket.  Davis and Vannoy should be in finals, but any of the others are definitely good enough to prove me wrong.

170–Bryce Mattioda-Broken Arrow and Mark Turner-Owasso.  Mattioda should be the favorite.

182–Jersey Robb-Bixby and Zeno Marcheselli-Broken Arrow.  

195–Emmanuel Skillings-Broken Arrow and Jake Rogers-Union.  

220–Josh Fincannon-Sand Springs, Hayden Crawley-Jenks and Jaden James-Bartlesville.  

285–Micah Walker-Union, Marlon Welty-Broken Arrow, and Jake Sexton-Deer Creek

6A West 

106–Shelton Chastain-Mustang, Garrett McBride-Edmond North, and Caden Holman-Choctaw.  There isn’t much separation here.

113–Cruz Aguilar-Edmond Memorial,Speedy Walden-Choctaw, and Cooper Mahaffey-Yukon.  Aguilar is a pretty big favorite, but I wouldn’t bet against Mahaffey or Walden.  

120–Tucker Owens-Mustang, Nate Becker-Edmond North, Garrett Johnson-Edmond Memorial.  Owens is a slight favorite here, and will wrestle the winner of the semifinals match between Becker & Johnson.  

126–Caleb Williams-Choctaw and Matt Garcia-Edmond Memorial

132–Shaun Muse-Choctaw and Cooper Evans-Westmoore

138–Bam West-Edmond Memorial and Keegan Luton-Mustang.  This should be a great finals.

145–John Wiley-Mustang, Jackson Oplotnik-Edmond Memorial, and Roarke Simpson-Southmoore.  Wiley and Oplotnik are the favorites to make it to the finals, but Simpson has been wrestling well.  

152–Gabe Johnson-Choctaw, Eli Cordy-Edmond Memorial, Colt Fischer-Mustang, and Jaxon Randall-Edmond North.  Johnson is a big favorite to win, but it will be interesting to see how the rest end up.

160–Braden Bowman-Edmond North and Jaxon Flaming-Edmond Memorial

170–Neko Macias-Southmoore, Zeke Coleman-Choctaw, and Joseph Sylvester-Mustang.

182–Tate Picklo-Mustang, Dylan Ward-Choctaw, and Trey Bowman-Edmond North.  Picklo is a big favorite.

195–Jack Kitchingham-Mustang, Corey Monroe-Choctaw, and Conner Columbus-Yukon.  

220–Judson Rowland-Mustang, Corbin Gordon-Yukon, and Christian Cantu-Edmond North.  

285–Marquonn Journey-Choctaw, Christian Rowland-Mustang, Lane Parks-Yukon, and Jordan Iwuchkwu-Edmond North.  

5A East

106–Brody Gee-Skiatook, Clay Gates-Collinsville, Jayden Alexander-Edison, and James Peach-Pryor.  Everyone is hoping to see Gates/Gee 3, but don’t overlook Alexander or Peach.  Both are capable of winning this bracket.

113–Cam Steed-Collinsville, Josey Jernegen-Skiatook, and Jacoby Clarke-Glenpool.  Steed and Jernegen should meet in the finals.  

120–Troy Spratley-Collinsville and Mike Edwards-Glenpool.  Nationally ranked Spratley should win this one.

126-Jordan Williams-Collinsville, Kaden Stanley-Claremore, and Tyson Stevens-Glenpool.  Williams, who is also ranked nationally, is a big favorite.

132–Caleb Tanner-Collinsville, Cody Francis-Skiatook, Carson Ferguson-Tahlequah, Jace Ellis-Glenpool.  Francis wrestled Tanner (also nationally ranked) close at dual state last weekend.  We will see if he can keep close the gap.

138–Josh Taylor-Skiatook, Drake Acklin-Collinsville, Connor Hall-Durant, and Kolby Encinas-Pryor.  Taylor versus Acklin in the finals please!

145–Corey Hicks-Durant, Gus Edwards-Glenpool, Cale Glover-Skiatook and Cole Brooks-Collinsville.  Should be interesting to see how Brooks handles wrestling up.  My money is on Hicks to remain undefeated though.

152–Cody Hicks-Durant, Kolten Allphin-Collinsville, Tony Johnson-Skiatook, Mason Watts-Glenpool, and Angel Quezada-Tahlequah.  I’m picking Hicks over Allphin in the finals.

160–Cougar Anderson-Skiatook, Jeran Seabolt-Collinsville, Ashton Stevenson-Claremore, Garrett Wells-Glenpool,and Ethan Chavez-Pryor.  Anderson is the favorite, but two through four is open.

170–Richie Lee-Skiatook, Gabe Chesbro-Bishop Kelley, and Gage Hamm-Coweta.  Lee is the favorite, but Hamm & Chesbro aren’t far behind.  

182–Brian Pollard-Collinsville, Kohner Gallagher-Ada, Hunter Hall-Skiatook.  We finally get to see Pollard wrestle for Collinsville.  He will not have a cake walk, but I think he gets it done.

195–Alex Johnson-Skiatook and Cade Ward-Glenpool.  This weight is pretty open.

220–Ryan Cochran-Claremore, BK Seago-Skiatook, and Caden Felts-Pryor.  

285–Whitney Azlin-Edison, Josh McKim-Durant, and Caleb Phillips-Coweta.  This is a really good trio of werestlers.  Any of the three could win.


106–Conner Knapp-El Reno and Eli Kirk-Guthrie.  El Reno surprisingly moves Will Heger up to 120.

113–Clayton Knapp-El Reno, Jose Becerril-MacArthur, Grant Gober-Carl Albert.   Knapp and Becerril should be favored to meet in the finals.

120–Manny Rogers-Del City, Bryce Harris-MacArthur, and Alan Flores-Piedmont. Rogers shouldn’t have any trouble here.

126–Levi Buckridge-Piedmont, Calvin Moon-MacArthur, Angelo Reyes-Shawnee.  Buckridge is favored.

132–Conner Riddles-Duncan, Jose Centeno-Altus, Jordan Lomelei-Shawnee, and Kolten Luschen-Piedmont.  Riddles and Centeno should meet in the finals.

138–Blayton Montgomery-Duncan and Josue Meza-Santa Fe South.  

145–Tabor McClure-Piedmont, Traylon Jackson-Del City, and Cole Thomas El Reno.  This should be an interesting three man race.  My money is on McClure.

152–Landis Scoon-Piedmont and Nathan Hudson-Duncan.  Scoon shouldn’t have any problems.

160–Kord Lafoe-El Reno, Bryce DiGiacento-Piedmont, Donnie Hurd-Del City, and Tyson Walker-Duncan.  Lafoe is the favorite, but the rest are all capable.  This is a really good bracket.

170–Bo Hardy-Piedmont, Jacob Law-El Reno, and Nathan Atwood-MacArthur.  I’m giving the slight edge to Hardy in this three man race.

182–Matt Santos-MacArthur, Seth Guzman-Guthrie and Tyrome Denton-Del City.  Santos makes the cut for 195.  

195--Austin Cooley-Piedmont, Dane Farris-McGuinniss, and Coal Madison-Guthrie.   

220–Cabe Dickerson-Altus, Makaveli Ramirez-Piedmont, Will Batts-Carl Albert, and Dylan Gerhart-Duncan.  I don’t see anyone beating Dickerson, but two through four should be a toss up.

285–Stephen Culberson-Duncan, Talon Phillips-MacArthur, and Dylan Hampton.  Culberson is the favorite, but has not wrestled much this season, so who knows.





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