Crowdfund campaign created for upcoming documentary film

Chance Leonard is the Creator and Executive Producer of The Price of Legacy documentary film.  He is a former wrestler and was recently inducted into the Oklahoma Chapter of the NWHOF. He and his team are making a documentary film about people, core values and wrestling. They have just launched an IndieGoGo crowdfund campaign to raise the remaining funds necessary to complete the film.

“Not long ago, wrestling was almost removed from the Olympics,” Leonard recently told OWrestle. “That was scary to me and the entire sport.  So, I decided to do something about it. I invested my own money, recruited an amazing team and set out to make a film where people can see up close and personal what wrestling is all about.  We want people to see the character traits wrestling teaches and the positive impact the sport has on people’s lives. Our film will show the world how important wrestling is by telling the credible story of Perry and its rich wrestling tradition.”

Leonard continued, “Our goal is to inspire people around the world to embrace wrestling, its principles and its value proposition.  It’s the most inclusive sport on the planet and we hope kids will get involved, get on the mat and work to achieve their goals.  This will be a film our nation and all of wrestling can be proud of.”

“But, we need help and you can make a difference!  Support our film and wrestling by choosing one of our reward packages and contributing today!”


Use these links to view two of the new teaser reels.


Name:  Just Keep Going


Name: Wrestling Teaches


Use this link to visit the website and see the first sizzle reel.


Watch the Filmmaker Video.