Dual State Recap

Wow!  What a weekend!  I sincerely feel for you if you weren’t able to make it to Enid Saturday.  If you were one of these unfortunate souls, do yourself a favor, and go to Trackwrestling and buy the tournament.  It will be the best $20 you have ever spent.  Here is a complete list in order of what you need to watch:

Class 5A finals (Skiatook 32 Collinsville 28).  This quite possibly could be the most exciting dual I have ever watched.   It had everything you could ever ask for; multiple #1 vs #2 matchups, they are cross-town rivals, they just wrestled a few weeks before, nationally ranked wrestlers, multiple state champions, and strategic coaching decisions.  Here are the must watch matches:

  1. #2 Brody Gee vs #1 Clay Gates–If I am going to label this as the most exciting dual of all time, then there has to be a most exciting match of all time right?  Well, this is the match!  Gee avenged a loss from three weeks earlier by pinning Gates in the second to last match.  This gave Skiatook a 7 point lead, and locked the state championship up for the Bulldogs.
  2. #2 Josh Taylor vs #1 Drake Acklin–The 2x state champ Taylor, won a 3-2 thriller.  
  3. Nate Easky vs Zach Morris—  Morris pinned Easky in the regular season matchup, but Easky bounced back with a HUGE 2-0 victory here.
  4.  #1 Caleb Tanner vs #2 Cody Francis— This was a rematch of last year’s 132 state finals.  Tanner was victorious once again, winning 7-2.
  5.  #1 Cam Steed vs #2 Josey Jernegen— This match was a bit anti-climatic, because it followed Gee/Gates, but it was still a great match.  Kudos to Steed for staying focused enough to pull out a 4-3 win.
  6.  #3-160 Jeran Seabolt vs #4-152 Tony Johnson—  Seabolt  won a hard fought battle 5-3.

Class 6A finals (Broken Arrow 30 Mustang 26).   Honestly, it was hard to decide which finals dual was more exciting.  Ultimately, I went with the 5A finals because of the crazy ending in the Gee/Gates match.  That being said, there were plenty of great matches in this one as well.    

  1. #1-195 Emmanuel Skillings vs #1-220 Judson Rowland– This may not have been the final match, but it essentially won the dual for BA, as Skillings beat Rowland 3-2.  
  2.  #1 Tucker Owens vs #2 Bryce Cockrell– It’s always fun to start a dual off with #1 vs #2.  Owens gave Mustang the early lead with his 6-2 victory.
  3.  #2 Jared Hill vs #5 Keegan Luton– Hill edged out Luton 3-0 to give the Tigers early momentum
  4. #4 Shelton Chastain vs #2 Christian Forbes– Chastain avenged his regular season loss, winning an overtime thriller 4-1, to give the broncos a one point lead heading into the last match.
  5.  #4 Christian Rowland vs #3 Marlon Welty– In a must win matchup, Rowland squeaked out a 6-4 victory.  Welty had won the regular season matchup.
  6. #1 Bryce Mattioda vs #4 Joseph Sylvester– Mattioda controlled this one from the start, winning 7-1.

Class 3A entire first round- This was by far the most competitive of all the tournaments.  I honestly don’t think I have ever seen a dual state tournament with four first round matchups this competitive.  Here are the matches to watch:

  1. Comanche 46 Bridge Creek 20 –This quite possibly was Comanche’s best performance.  There were several 50/50 matchups, and the Indians won most of them.  The two biggest being Kasen Van Buskirk over Jason Linn at 160, and Gunner Yates over Kaizyn Kraft at 113.
  2. Sperry 46 Vinita 31– Sperry jumped out early in this one, but Vinita rallied to make it close.  Eli Benham sealed the dual in the second to last match by beating Rashaud Morgan 11-0. 
  3. Perry 45  Salina 31– Salina jumped out to a 25-9, but Perry rallied to win six of the last seven matches, including pins in key matchups by Gabe Valencia and Ryan Smith.
  4. Marlow 43 Blackwell 29– This was a two point dual headed into the last two matches.  Kyle Davis locked it up for Marlow with a pin at 132.

Class 6A Semifinals (Mustang 31 Choctaw 28).  This match probably would have been at the top of my list had it been the finals.  Mustang rallied to win the last five matches to overcome a 13-28 deficit.

  1.  #1-220 Judson Rowland vs #1-285 Marquonn Journey– In an unexpected move, Mustang bumped Rowland to heavyweight to take on the defending heavyweight champ Journey.  The move proved to be brilliant, as Rowland pulled out the 6-5 victory.
  2. #4 Shelton Chastain vs #5 Caden Holman– The dual was decided in the final match as Chastain secured a last second takedown to send the Broncos to the finals.
  3.  #1 Gabe Johnson-Choctaw vs #6 Colt Fischer–  Johnson won 6-1
  4.  #2 Jack Kitchingham-Mustang vs #5 Corey Monroe.  Kitchingham won 9-3. 

Class 3A finals (Comanche 37 Marlow 32).  It’s always fun when lifelong rivals meet, but it’s especially fun when they meet in the finals.  Comanche pulled away late, making the final weights not quite as suspenseful; however, there was plenty excitement early on.

  1.  Kasen Van Buskirk vs Andrew Johnston– Once again, Van Buskirk stepped up big for the Indians, winning a key toss up match 8-7.
  2. #1 Gage Miller vs #3 Carson Moore. Miller picked up a huge win here, pinning Moore in 51 seconds.
  3.  #5 Bryson Hughes vs #6 Kooper Doucet– Hughes gave the OUtlaws some momentum with his 3-2 victory.
  4. #1 Anthony Orum vs #6 Trevor Cusumano– It looked like the Indians were in trouble after this one.  Orum won 6-5.

The dominance of the Tuttle Tigers–  Tuttle once again proved that they are still on a different level than the rest of the class, as they cruised to their 11th consecutive dual state title.  The Tigers had eleven wrestlers go 3-0 on the weekend; Braden Potts, Reese Davis, Dalton Burdick, Ryder Ramsey, Bryce Dauphin, Brady Dearmond, Gage Shetley, Luke Surber, Harley Andrews, and Colin Naney.

Other individual performances of note–  Here are my top five individual performances for the weekend:

  1.  Shelton Chastain-Mustang 3-0 (wins over #2 Christian Forbes, # 5 Caden Holman, & 113-Gabe Fontanez)
  2.  Jared Hill-Broken Arrow 3-0 (wins over #3 Bam West & #5 Keegan Luton)
  3.  Josh Taylor-Skiatook 3-0 (wins over #1 Drake Acklin & #4 Blayton Montgomery
  4. Colin Naney-Tuttle 3-0 (wins over #3 Zack Bosse, #4 Mason Little, & #6 Colby Jerome)
  5. Braden Potts-Tuttle 3-0 (wins over #4 Aden Anderson, #5 Johnny Leverech, & #6 Barrett Hilton)











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