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Saturday Night Finals at the 6A West Regional Tournament

YUKON- There was a lot of drama in the 6a West Regional finals Saturday night at Yukon High School. The match ups did not disappoint and some close matches come down to the end. Some were decided in overtime.

Things started off exciting when a no-call near the edge of the mat had the Choctaw Coaches up out of their seats. Gabe Johnson (Choc) and Braden Fowler (Yukon) wrestled in the 106 lbs finals. It was a bang-bang call and the referee stating ‘no control’ when Johnson attempts a takedown which would have put him up 2-1 in the match. A tough call either way. Fowler would hold on and pick up the decision 1-0, giving Fowler the #1 seed in the West next week at the state tournament.

113 lbs was one of our matches-to-watch going into the finals. It was a rematch of last year’s 106 lbs State Finals. Randall (Yukon) and Newton (Choc) haven’t squared off since last year’s State Finals match. Newton would tie things up late in the second period 4-4 with a gramby roll into a scramble. Randall would get the escape and the takedown in the third period to secure the 7-4 decision over Newton.

Another one of the top match ups in the tournament came at the 126 lbs finals.: #1 ranked Wilson (MWC) and #2 ranked Holman (Choc). Holman in the down position, down 2-3 in the third period, hooks the leg of Wilson, but with Wilson still having a tight hold of Holman’s leg, the referee would call a stalemate. Needing to get a 1 point escape to force OT, Holman almost gets out but Wilson again having a tight grip of Holman’s foot. Holman would try to kick out but would run out of time, giving Wilson the victory by 3-2.

At 132 lbs, Bright (Edmond North) vs Edwards (Mustang) matched up. This match featured a little bit of controversy when in OT Bight was issued another caution. The crowd and Mustang coaches insisted on it being the third caution which would have resulted in a point for Edwards and possibly the win. Even I thought that it was the 3rd caution. The Official confirms with the scorer’s table it’s only the second. After going back and watching the film, the referee and scorer’s table were correct, it was only the second. Early in the first period the referee did stop the match to warm Bright to stay off the face, but no caution.  This match would again become controversial when in the 2nd OT period when Edwards, trying to ride Bright, would hang on to a leg with his hands locked but Bight would square up as seconds expired. The referee would award Bright the escape which had the Mustang coaches out of their seats and petitioning to meet with the Official. The call would stand. In the next OT, Edwards would even things up with an escape of his own but then Bright would get a last-second takedown to secure the victory 4-2.

Jumping to the 160 lbs bracket. This rematch of last year’s state finals did not disappoint. Curry (Choc) would get a takedown on Vincent (Yukon), taking a 2-0 lead into the second period. Vincent choose bottom, got the escape and then got a beautiful low-level single on Curry to go up 3-2. In the third period, Curry choose bottom and ties things up with his own escape, 3-3. Vincent scored on a reshot and went up 5-3. Curry soon escaped to make it 5-4. Late in the 3rd period, Vincent still trying to hang on, the Official issued another stall on Vincent almost at the same time as Curry falls short on a shot, but snaps down the head of Vincent and circles behind to get the takedown as time expires.

I caught up with Curry after the match and asked him, “What was his mindset late in the third down by 1?” Curry said, “Knew I needed to score points, I’ve been in that situation many times. Kid is a good kid… We’ve met 5 times… It’s hard, you start figuring people out on the 5th or 6th time. He’s always tough to wrestle, he’s a tough kid, tough opponent.” I asked him, “What does it mean to get one of the #1 seeds going into state?” He said, “It means a lot, I’ve been working hard, playing 2 sports, coming into wrestling late. I’m trying to get a free education. I’ve beaten everyone there (at state), I know I can win, I just have to wrestle to my ability.”

Curry’s victory would start a streak of Choctaw Champions. At 170 lbs, returning State Champion, Coleman (Choctaw) didn’t waste any time. He locks up a tight cradle and gets the fall in the first period at 1:14. Then at 182 lbs, Randleman (Choctaw), with his famous fireman’s carry, would get the decision 7-2 over Flandermeyer (Westmoore).

Even the big boys gave us some drama. Austin (Choc) took on a Senior from Midwest City Ryan Tilbury. Last time these two met, Austin won by fall over Tilbury. Tilbury told me after the match, he “was looking for revenge” this time around. This one went into OT-SV, off the whistle Austin went in for a leg, but missed, and Tilbury jumped on him and the two would circle and scramble until Tilbury ended up behind for the take down and the win. I caught up with Tilbury after the match to talk about his big win.

I asked, “What was going through your head going into overtime?” Tilbury said, “Ah crap, I’m tired you know. I wrestled my heart out. I thought this could be my last tournament, but I came out on top… I came into that match looking for revenge, just (wanting to) win in front of my family and friends.”

As far as the team race goes, Choctaw won comfortably, but will need to wrestle better to beat Sand Springs at the State Tournament. Sand Springs put up 268 point at the 6a East Regionals, and they will be going into the state tournament as the favorites. After Choctaw had received their 6a West Regional Trophy, the team gathered around their coaches. You could hear someone from the stands yell out, “go get that ring!”. You could overhear Choctaw’s head coach Benny Coleman say, “Let’s go get that ring, but it’s going to take work.” Coach Coleman emphasizing that they need to put in a hard week of practice and that it’s going to take an extra effort from the whole team. Choctaw will need to wrestle an excellent weekend to defend their title next week. Choctaw and Spring Springs both send 11 to state, followed by Broken Arrow sending 9 and Edmond North sending 8.

The top 4 finishers at each weight will qualify along with the top 4 finishers at the 6a East Regional to wrestle at the State Fair Arena next weekend.

Full Results

Team Scores

  1. Choctaw 243
  2. Edmond North 207.5
  3. Yukon 175.5
  4. Westmoore 147.5
  5. Mustang 141
  6. Deer Creek 124
  7. Midwest City 111
  8. Edmond Memorial 100
  9. Putnam City 79
  10. Edmond Santa Fe 72
  11. Norman 71
  12. Putnam City North 59.5
  13. Moore 43
  14. Lawton 24
  15. s. Grant 11
  16. Putnam City West 9

106 Results
1st Place – Braden Fowler of Yukon
2nd Place – Gabe Johnson of Choctaw
3rd Place – Garrett Steidley of Edmond Memorial
4th Place – Nate Becker of Edmond North

113 Results
1st Place – Canon Randall of Westmoore
2nd Place – Colt Newton of Choctaw
3rd Place – Cameron Picklo of Mustang
4th Place – Studd Morris of Yukon

120 Results
1st Place – Paxton Rosen of Edmond North
2nd Place – Joseph Lupton of Mustang
3rd Place – Andy Schlaepfer of Choctaw
4th Place – Noah Hanscom of Yukon

126 Results
1st Place – Drew Wilson of Midwest City
2nd Place – Connor Holman of Choctaw
3rd Place – Tanner Cole of Deer Creek
4th Place – Trent Higginbotham of Edmond North

132 Results
1st Place – Brandon Bright of Edmond North
2nd Place – Trey Edwards of Mustang
3rd Place – Josh Suter of Norman
4th Place – Marquez Edwards of Midwest City

138 Results
1st Place – Kruz Simons of Edmond North
2nd Place – Cain Britton of Putnam City North
3rd Place – Jon Suter of Norman
4th Place – Connor Simpson of Edmond Memorial

145 Results
1st Place – Jaxen Gilmore of Yukon
2nd Place – Seth Graves of Edmond Memorial
3rd Place – Zachary Johnson of Westmoore
4th Place – Micah Lugafet of Deer Creek

152 Results
1st Place – Robert Walker of Midwest City
2nd Place – Baywiin Hollingshead of Yukon
3rd Place – Jeff Speer of Choctaw
4th Place – Ryan Swanson of Westmoore

160 Results
1st Place – Jaryn Curry of Choctaw
2nd Place – Chase Vincent of Yukon
3rd Place – Cooper Meadows of Mustang
4th Place – Williams Depona of Edmond Santa Fe

170 Results
1st Place – Zane Coleman of Choctaw
2nd Place – Gage Mcbride of Mustang
3rd Place – Sam Hensley of Edmond Memorial
4th Place – Joe Speno of Edmond Santa Fe

182 Results
1st Place – Easton Rendleman of Choctaw
2nd Place – Shane Flandermeyer of Westmoore
3rd Place – Noah Hooks of Edmond North
4th Place – Jaylon Chiles of Putnam City North

195 Results
1st Place – Blake Minnick of Edmond North
2nd Place – Garrett Jones of Putnam City
3rd Place – Frank Morales of Moore
4th Place – Gary Dockery of Choctaw

220 Results
1st Place – Mason Lancaster of Putnam City
2nd Place – Caulin Poole of Choctaw
3rd Place – Parsa Lessani of Edmond North
4th Place – Jonathan Martinez of Westmoore

285 Results
1st Place – Ryan Tilbury of Midwest City
2nd Place – Zach Austin of Choctaw
3rd Place – Christian Arriola of Putnam City
4th Place – Oden Watson of Deer Creek



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