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Coached by a Genius

Always learning new moves from the man

wpid-fb_img_1448929745927.jpgLast week I talked about the Jones brothers, this week I’m going to talk about a National Wrestling Hall of Famer.
My former coach Bill Harlow, Yes I have been very blessed to have grown up with such great coaches, this guy was a three time finalist and a National Champ. When he was wrestling you could only compete 3 years. He then became a world silver medalist, but wrestling didn’t pay the bills in those days. I remember hearing him talk about how everyone on his team threw away their All American certificates, First place was all they cared about and that’s the attitude you have to have.! Being coached by this man was quite unique. He didn’t run the practice, He wasn’t a loud man, but you always felt his eyes on you. You always felt them because he is a technical genius and he’s never afraid to tell you where you are weak. He always told me to keep learning, never to become stagnant.  That sounds like something anyone can tell you, but he lives it, and if he wrestled today he would still be on top. For example I remember one year going to watch the NCAA’s  and him bumping into me. It scared me to death because he attacked me! He was so excited to see the best college guys in the country wrestling.  He watches them warm up, he learns what new set ups the top level guys are learning, and what they are going back to. He soaks in everything. He knows where your hair on your head should be and where your pinky toe should be in every position.  We used to go around saying Harlow knows all. To this day I still believe that. I miss having him around to help me on my technique because he always had something new to teach.  I am thankful for the time that I had him as a mentor. Now he is being inducted in the national wrestling hall of fame and I can’t believe how lucky I was. Now I’m fired up talking about this. I can’t wait to get back to work!




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