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Wrestling with the Joneses

Young hungry athletes

It’s thanksgiving break and I’ve had the whole week off.  That being said, training doesn’t stop. Where do I go when I’m back at home? The Tigers wrestling room in Broken Arrow. I’ve been Jones trained since I was in the 7th grade, wrestling with the high school boys under Biff Jones.  It’s always feels good to go back to where you came from, to the mentality that got me to where I am and where I’m going. There are many reasons for Broken Arrows success, and it’s not just because it’s the biggest school in the state, its Jones brothers mentality.  They make soldiers over there in tiger town, all the way from Jr. high up to High school. Training with these guys the last two days has really impressed me. Kids that I saw as young pups two years ago are working machines now. Hard college style drilling some people may think is a lot to ask out of a young kid, but it’s the best thing for a High school wrestler. The Jones boys preach being tough soldiers, and it challenges you to be a man. After practice I jumped in on a good Ole king of the mat session with 9th graders. What I went up against were not scared timid kids rather I was being attacked right after I would get a takedown. The more tired I would get the faster these kids came at me. The mentality there, Young hungry athletes, I loved it.  This break has been good for me I feel recharged and motivated to get back to work!




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